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Counseling For Couples

Couples Counseling

You want to communicate better – we can teach you how.

You want to feel cared about – we can help you make that happen.



Infidelity is not the end.

You can repair this relationship. You can even make it better than it was before. Even if your partner isn't willing to come to counseling with you, don’t despair – there is much you can do on your own.


Friendship Therapy

What do friends do when they’re at odds and need help resolving their issues? If you miss and want your friend back, if you keep getting into painful fights and don’t know how to make a change, if you feel wronged and are seeking resolution, friendship therapy is right for you. We won’t judge you. 


Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling will help you and your significant other learn the skills you need to make a successful and lasting long-term relationship.

Marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. Why not invest now to make that goal a reality?


Long Distance Relationships

Communication can be a particular challenge in long-distance relationships. 

We are experts at helping couples improve their communication and learn to talk about the important issues in their relationships.  



Sometimes a marriage cannot be saved. But as many divorced couples have discovered, if there are children involved, the relationship between the parents is never truly severed.

We can help you learn to work together for the benefit of your children.


Marriage Seminars

Topics we cover include: 
- How to stop the yelling
- What “communication” is really about
- How to resolve disagreements
- When to go for counseling


Our Testimonials

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Raffi led an informal group which I attended along with a few classmates from Israel in the summer of 2010. We had just returned to New Jersey from studying in a one- to two-year fellowship abroad. Ra

By Chanan Siris
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Highly professional but down to earth. Both my husband and I felt completely understood and valued; something couple’s often fear simply cannot

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Raffi made me enjoy going to therapy. I have learned to talk through issues that seemed impossible and I feel so much better about the communication in my relation

By Tyson V.
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My boyfriend and I see Raffi and it was the best decision we ever made. It is hard to gather the right words to describe him and how much he has helped us and our

By Summer H.
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Caitlin is so special. She is an excellent listener and offers valuable and practical advice for improving life circumstances. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow and improve their

By Devorah Mattes