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1099 vs. W-2: What You Need to Know (So You Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Did)

So you’re running a group practice, and you’ve got 1099s, or W2s, or both, and aren’t really sure what’s the right way to go.

Or maybe you’re about to hire your first therapist to join you in your practice and want to know about this whole contractor/employee thing. Amazing!

The good news is, in Maryland, it’s not terribly ambiguous. The Department of Labor is actually pretty clear about it. Ask me. I learned the hard way.

You can learn from my mistakes instead of making them yourself (at great cost). Join me and my friend/employment attorney Bruce Luchansky (the guy who comes up first on Google when you search “employment lawyer Baltimore”) to get clarity on what the state expects of you.

Note: this is definitely going to be Maryland-centric. Different states have different laws. It may still be helpful even if you’re not located in Maryland, but please consult an attorney in your state to be clear on the rules that apply to you. 

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