Parenting Classes

Partners in Parenting

A structured 8-session weekly parenting class for parents of all ages.

Classes will focus on concepts important for parenting effectiveness such as communication skills, guidance techniques, and positive discipline strategies. The emphasis is on building skills, providing support, and helping parents understand the needs and abilities of children during different stages of development.

Certificates can be given at the successful completion of the program for clients mandated to attend by the court or Child Welfare Services.

Cost: $60 per session ($80 per couple)

Next session begins: TBD

Advanced registration required. Contact us for more information.


What are Parenting Classes for?

Being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have.  It is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding.  We want to help you not only to survive it, but to excel at and enjoy it.  In our parenting classes, we will impart to you crucial perspectives to adopt in order to keep your sanity and maximize your effectiveness, as well as many practical tips to grease the wheels.  We can teach you how to

  • Handle tantrums
  • Get your kids to eat dinner
  • Set limits
  • Pass on your values
  • Help your children reach their potential
  • …and more!

Do you ever feel like your children are out of control?  Are you being run ragged by your toddlers, or disrespected by your teenagers?  Our parenting classes can help with all of these issues. (Did you know that there is actually a significant connection between the way toddlers and teenagers behave?)

You will feel more confident and more effective as a parent. You will learn how to manage the situations that can be managed and how to gracefully accept the ones that can’t.  You won’t learn how to get your kids to listen to you 100% of the time – but if anyone is advertising that, we recommend you run in the other direction!  Children are human beings, not robots.  We’ll teach you how to appreciate their humanness and roll with it.

Classes can be tailored to your schedule and audience needs. Please contact us to tell us what you’re looking for!

The Need for Parenting Classes

parenting workshopsRhonda and Travis have twin 3-year-olds, but sometimes it feels like it’s five children, not two.  They don’t know how to get the twins to do what they’re told and are always exhausted running after them.  Our parenting classes will help them figure things out.

Derek and Lakisha are sick of their 9-year-old talking back to them and constantly being rude, but they don’t have any tools besides yelling and spanking, which seem to work in the moment but never for more than a short while. Our classes will give them new tools to use to manage this inappropriate behavior.

Yelena is always fighting with her 15-year-old daughter.  All she wants is the best for her daughter, but she finds herself rejected at every turn.  She doesn’t know how to make a connection. parenting classes at the Baltimore Therapy Center will teach her what she needs to know.

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