Workplace Counseling

For some people, the most stressful area of their lives is the office. Difficult co-workers, office politics, poor communication – if you don’t experience any of these at your job, consider yourself lucky. But while all of us have to deal with some level of tension at the office, most people manage to do their work and carry on. For others, though, the workplace is a war zone. Staff problems can be so out of hand that it interferes with the work for many, if not all, of the employees.

workplace counselingWho doesn’t know someone dealing with a nutty boss, or a catty coworker? Employees complain of micromanaging, low appreciation, unresponsive management; employers, meanwhile, fume over disrespectful workers, negligence, and irresponsibility. And everyone complains about the gossiping receptionist, the surly secretary, or malicious HR workers.

Unhappiness at Work

So often the problems that are brewing at work, both out in the open and under the surface, are never talked about, as people try to go about getting their work done. The receptionist avoids the boss, the employees fear HR – nobody is very happy at work. This causes unnecessary stress and conflict, when frank discussion and collaboration would be a welcome relief for all involved (bosses and employees alike). Obviously, an office full of stressed-out and angry workers is not a good environment for anyone, nor does it foster the kind of productivity any company would want.

We can help.

Help for Your Workplace

office therapyBy bringing an objective and trained clinical professional into your office, we can open up the issues that are causing stress and help everyone to engage in a productive discussion aimed not only at  solving the problems, but also at developing a mechanism for addressing future ones as well. Through group sessions and smaller caucuses, we bring resolution and satisfaction to everyone involved. At the end of the day, your staff will be able to work together despite their differences and will learn how to communicate through them. Why should the office be a place of tension and conflict? No less than in families, people of different styles and characters can learn to work together.

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