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Preparing for an Online Session

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you prepare to have a successful online session:

online counseling session

  • Make sure you have a stable and secure internet connection. If you can be close to the router or even plug into it, that will help with a good connection.
  • Close any other tabs or programs you have running that may be taking up internet bandwidth. This might include
    • Other tabs on your browser
    • Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or other cloud/backup services
  • Check also for other devices that might be using the internet.
  • Make sure you are in a private space with nobody else around, and where nobody can walk in on your session.
    • Consider putting on a fan or noise machine if you need to block the sound from others in an adjacent room.
    • Use headphones if you want to ensure that nobody else can hear your provider speaking.
  • Avoid using your phone if possible – a bigger screen is a better option if it’s available.
  • If you are using a mobile device, please place it on a desk or table with the camera about level with your eyes, rather than holding it in hand.
  • Try to use a well-lit space, and avoid having a bright light source directly behind you.

Your provider will be abiding by the same guidelines.

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